MasterWax - Racing Fluorfree 20g Block

Brand: MasterWax

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World-renowned, innovative cold-apply method glide waxes for extraordinary performance.


MasterWax's cold-apply waxing system augments the exposure of the ski bases' natural structure and gives a clean platform for rills - which it critical for fluoro-free racing. A 20g cold-apply puck can last for dozens of pairs of skis due to how little wax is actually applied, little usage with big performance!


The cold-apply method uses friction-heat generated by a roto wool applicator to apply a perfect, thin layer of wax to the ski base. The kilometrage you get out of waxes applied by this method tends to be good, but the standout feature is the raw speed of the skis it produces - particularly in warmer temperatures. Fleecing leaves the bare minimum amount of product on the base. This is fantastic because the ski bases' natural structure or stone grind is maximally exposed to the snowpack. Fleeced waxes can be applied either on a completely bare, clean base or a paraffin base melt wax. As temperatures get colder, it's recommended to fleece over a hard base melt wax. Fleecing produces very little dust or fumes and uses wax very efficiently. The number of steps involved in preparing a fast pair of skis is reduced when compared to other application methods. The speed of skis, speed of application, health and safety, and cost of the wool-apply system make it one of the best ways to prepare skis.


For more information on the cold-apply method, including a How-To video, visit this link!


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