Leki - HRC Max

Brand: Leki

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The strap and two-component grip made of natural cork are firmly connected and thus ensure the best power transmission. The adjustable strap are optimal and seamless on the hand and support You on every push and ensure more comfort. The pole is made of W...Read more

The HRC MAX is a recognizable and extremely lightweight cross country pole that meets the highest World Cup standards, Klaebo ought to know. High-strength and highly rigid HMC Worldcup carbon shaft has optimal power transfer and swing weight. The anatomically-shaped strap and two-component cork grip keeps you connected firmly and comfortably. The Trigger Shark 2.0 system has an anti-twist device and allows for lightning-fast grip release. Both the tip and the basket can be changed to different baskets and rollerski tips. Comes as a kit (handle not attached) to allow exact length result.

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