Trail Sports offers repairs to most problems with skis, bindings, and poles. We are equipped to repair even major gouges in your ski base!


Waxing Service

Trail Sports offers 3 different types of glide waxing service (“hot waxing”), and also grip zone service for classical skis:

  • Recreational Glide Wax –$25.00 per pair – The appropriate glide wax is melted onto the glide zones of the ski base, using our infra red waxer, cooled, acrylic-scraped, and brushed.
  • Training Glide Wax – $35.00 per pair – Trail Sports’ expert technicians (who also race) will prepare your skis for optimal training performance using low fluro wax and our infra red waxer. Use of infra red means an iron never touches your base, eliminating the possibility of your base being burnt.
  • Race Glide Wax – $55.00 per pair – Trail Sports’ expert technicians (who also race) will prepare your skis for optimal race performance. Book early! We can only do a few pair for a given race, due to time & space limitations.
  • Grip Zone Waxing – $22.00 per pair – This will normally include applying a binder wax, then several thin (smoothed out) layers of appropriate kick wax.
  • Stone Grinding – $50.00 per pair grind only. Stone grind and deluxe hot box $80.00 per pair. See details below.


Hot Boxing

Hot boxing allows skis to absorb a greater amount of wax than standard ironing methods by holding the skis at computer controlled temperatures for a period of time. It has been stated that hot boxing for a few hours is the equivalent of 30 coats of wax applied with an iron.

As stone grinding leaves skis with no wax in the base, all ground skis can benefit from this process.

Hot Box – $60.00 – One layer of soft, penetrating, hot box specific wax, scraped and brushed plus one layer of blue wax to cap the wax, scraped and brushed.


Stone Grinding

$50.00 per pair grind only. Stone grind and hot box $80.00 per pair.

Since 1995 Trail Sports has worked closely with the National cross country skiing and biathlon teams to determine the best grinds for various conditions. These grinds are offered to the general public.

Stone grinding (with proper subsequent treatment) will assure optimal glide for your skis because:

  • The skis will become absolutely FLAT, both longitudinally and cross-wise.
  • The newly exposed fresh base assures better wax absorption.
  • The ski base will have a uniform structure (pattern) geared to snow conditions by your choice of grind.

Trail Sports offers the following grinds:

  • Very Coarse – for wet snow conditions
  • Coarse – for above zero snow conditions
  • Medium – for zero and near zero snow
  • Fine – for the widest range of conditions
  • Very Fine – for cold fine snow

Our service includes Roto-brushing (to remove micro-hairs) and application of the first coat of soft glide wax, which is left without scraping to protect the base.

If you are not sure about your skis, bring them in or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you. Deep scratches or gouges can be taken out, but at the expense of excess base removal.


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