Salomon S/Race SK PRO Prolink

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For you to develop faster and to perfect those turns that you are still pending, Salomon has created the S Race Skate Pro Prolink, a ski boot that projects an unparalleled energy transmission to the ski so that your performance in races and competitions reaches the first places.

These cross country skate boots come with the Prolink Racing Skate competition sole, which has been tested by elite riders since it maximizes the transmission of strength, is highly resistant to abrasion, and allows the contact of the boot with snow. The Chassis Long 3D Carbon Skate and the ideal flexion for skating facilitate the rigidity, stability, and firmness.

The French house used a ratchet buckle on the upper of the foot, which together with the heel and ankle straps and the Second Skin construction, achieve a superior feeling of adjustment and precision.

With the S/LAB Carbon Energyzer cane, designed for skiathlon races, you can have better control of the edges thanks to the support offered at the back part.

S/Race Skate Pro is a high performance, World Cup proven race skate boot. It uses a carbon frame, ratchet buckle and dissociated lacing to deliver precise fit and transmission.

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